EMPowerment + comPASSION = Empassion

Natural, healthy products that are good for you at a price everyone can afford with a vision to empower people.

In 1998 after having a discussion with some friends about food and chemicals in foods, the topics came up about chemicals in skin and haircare products.

So I started to look further into ingredients that were commonly found in hair shampoos, in moisturisers, in cleansers, scrubs etc. 

What we found was actually quite alarming!

We came to the conclusion that many of the commonly used chemicals used in skin & hair care products were toxic! Not good for human use at all!

Many of these chemicals were simply used because they were cheap and they did the job. But were they healthy? We believe not.

So I set out to create products that were healthy. But also products that were amazing quality, but affordable at the same time.

Here we are 22 years later. Still committed to making healthy amazing products. I’m still committed to quality. I’m still committed to healthy products and I’m still committed to making our products affordable.


The name 'Empassion'. What does it mean?

The Vision behind the brand was to empower people and help people in extreme poverty in third world countries. The name 'Empassion' represents this vision. The name is derived...

Social Justice... Empassion's Third World Vision

Part of the Vision behind the Empassion brand & business is to help disadvantaged people, in particular people who are suffering in extreme...

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